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In the hidden heart of every woman there is a deep desire for a love relationship—and a marriage. As pleasurable as earthly marriage can be, it is a foretaste of the fulfillment of another love relationship—our union as the Bride of Christ with our Eternal Bridegroom. As God designed it, marriage unites husband and wife in a complementary relationship in which they both flourish to the glory of God. While not all will be joined in marriage in this life, all are invited to enjoy the abundant life Christ offers His Beloved here, now, and for all eternity.

Now condensed to eight chapters, The Cry of the Hidden Heart Abridged addresses some of life’s biggest questions:

  •  Why God created women?
  •  What is God’s ‘big picture’ for marriage?
  •  Why is marriage important?
  •  How does marriage work? (the complementary nature of godly marriage)
  •  How can I share God’s plan with the next generation?

Taste and see that the Lord is good. (Psalm 34:8)


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Resources include:

  • Abridged version of The Study Guide
  • Original 13-week Study Guide
  • DVDs featuring a 10-minute overview for each of the original 13 chapters are available in a limited number.
  • Watch the 10-minute overview for each of the 13 chapters on YouTube:
Back to the Beginning - Chapter 1 Beloved in Paradise - Chapter 2Servants, Friends and Lovers - Chapter 3
The Attempted Coup - Chapter 4Declaration of Dependence - Chapter 5God's Commanded Way - Chapter 6
A New Home - Chap. 7
A Help in Crisis - Chap. 8
The Hidden Heart of the Hidden Person - Chapter 9
The Battle of the Mind - Chapter 10The Covenant -
Chapter 11
Out with the Old, In with the New - Chapter 12
Come - Chapter 13

Whether you are married, anticipating marriage, or wanting to help someone else embark on their voyage, you are invited to discover the depth of the love of Christ and the beauty of His plan for two becoming one by making the journey of The Cry of the Hidden Heart.

  • Be Captivated by God’s original love story between Adam and Eve when two hearts were joined as one.
  • Be Empowered as you discover God’s special purpose for wives as the heart of the home.
  • Be Inspired to live your life God’s way by becoming His disciple in your marriage.
  • Be Affirmed in your indispensable role as a life bearer to your family and beyond.

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