Girls’ Road Trip

“I pretty much want to cry and tear the book to shreds.”

If you’ve been through one of our Hidden Heart classes before, chances are you’ve felt the same as this young woman on Day One of Chapter One of The Cry of the Hidden Heart.

Let’s admit it, many of us are looking for a marriage class where the agenda reads:

Week One: Your Husband is the Problem

Week Two: You are Right

Week Three: Here’s How to Fix Him


But if you are ready for more healing, power and encouragement than the “Bitter Bride’s Marriage Guide,” join me for a 13-week journey, as I give you a sneak peek inside a Hidden Heart class. But the word “class” doesn’t begin to describe this wild adventure. Maybe “road trip with girlfriends” would be a better description. Here are a few stops on our itinerary:

  • Eden – Yes, Dorothy, you’re not in Kansas anymore.” We will go back to our roots and re-discover a vista more breath taking than sunrise over the Grand Canyon – the dawn of creation.
  • The Fall – Warning: This stop has more angst than a flat tire in the middle of Death Valley. We’ll only linger long enough to figure out why marriage can be so pull-your-hair-out hard.
  • The Holy Land – One of the best parts of a road trip are the people you meet. We’ll get to know God’s friend Abraham and his gorgeous headstrong wife Sarah (I bet you’ll have more in common with her than you ever imagined!)

There’s so much more in store, but I hope I’ve whet your appetite to come along. The best part is our Perfect Guide, the Holy Spirit will lead us every step of the way – even when we feel lost, confused or ready to tear the book to shreds. As we follow God’s Word, the Holy Spirit will show us wonders – about Jesus, ourselves, and our marriages that will surpass our wildest dreams.

So pack lightly as we set out next week for the first leg of our road trip. There’s no room for stiff necks, proud hearts or small minds. Like any great adventure, it won’t be easy (and we might get on each other’s nerves), but if we don’t quit, we will have the time of our lives and be changed eternally for the better.

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