The Ministry

“Kitchen Table” Ministry

Hidden Heart Ministry began in a prayer meeting, as a small group gathered around a kitchen table to pray for a friend whose marriage was in crisis; there was never an intention to start a ministry. That weekly prayer meeting soon became an in-depth search of the Scriptures (Genesis through Revelation) to discover what God had to say about marriage. As the light of God’s Word shone into our hearts, we were given an enhanced view of marriage as God designed it, and more particularly, the strategic influence that a life rooted and grounded in the love of Christ Jesus has on marriage and family.

Through the years, by God’s Spirit, that first “kitchen table” produced a harvest of fresh fruit as God’s word penetrated callused hearts and led to repentance from our self-absorption and to the discovery of the joy of giving unconditional love.

God’s plans are always grander than our own short-sighted version. So it was with that first “kitchen table,” which ultimately produced the study guide, The Cry of the Hidden Heart and companion DVD, re-produced countless “kitchen table” groups, and grew to include classes and conferences.

Through our website, Facebook, and blog (launched December 1, 2012), Hidden Heart Ministry continues to inspire both married and single women to first find their identity and fulfillment in Christ Jesus, and then, to help those who are married recover the place of joy, honor, and influence God has granted them in marriage.

Some in our culture have tried to convince us that the “new normal” is marked by same-sex marriage, hook-ups and live-ins, and that traditional marriage is obsolete. These ideas have left many hungry hearts crying out to be filled as they yearn to belong and to be loved. Never underestimate what God might produce around your kitchen table as you invite one or more friends to share in the life-changing adventure of The Cry of the Hidden Heart (now available as a 13-week or an 8-week study).

Why is Marriage Important?

Women today stand at a crossroads. Our culture’s portrayal of marriage stands in sharp contrast to the beauty and fulfillment God planned for husband and wife, as it mirrors His relationship to His Bride, the Church. Jesus came with paradise in mind—not to patch up—but to restore marriage relationships as he created them to be … in the beginning.

  • A Look at Paradise … and the love that joined husband and wife in the beginning.
  • Living as Outcasts … the fallacy of living life my way and the hope promised by a compassionate God.
  • Our Deliverer Arrives … as Christ comes to show us the most excellent way and empowers us to love as He loves.
  • Celebrating the Ultimate Love Story … as a beloved bride being made ready
    for her heavenly Bridegroom.

It is our prayer that through the study of The Cry of the Hidden Heart, and through fellowship with the perfect Bridegroom, you will be challenged and encouraged to embrace your special place in creation by choosing patterns of thought, words, feeling, and action consistent with who you are in Christ. As you learn to delight in making Christ your place of absolute trust and security, you will be compelled to express His love, joy and peace in your relationships.