Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start a small group?

It is always best to begin the process in prayer, asking God to bring to mind the ladies you should invite. These ladies may not necessarily be your very best friends. Think broadly and creatively—a mix of ages is always a good choice. Although there are great benefits to studying with one other person, marriage is a universal subject, one that is of vital interest to women. When your class date is set, please notify us, and we will post your information on our Calendar page.

Do we need a trained leader?

No. The “leader” is rather a facilitator who will keep the group on track and make sure each participant has the opportunity to contribute to the discussion. It is helpful if she has a good background in the Bible; her diligence and enthusiasm for the study will be contagious.

What are some tips for the facilitator?

The Cry of the Hidden Heart study guide contains helpful hints in the introductory pages for facilitating a group.

What is an ideal small group format?

Each group will have its unique time restraints and other factors that will have to be considered. However, suggestions for small group format may be found in the introductory pages of your study guide.

May I do the study on my own?

Yes. The The Cry of the Hidden Heart is an excellent study for personal growth.

Who should be in a group?

Women of all ages and walks of life will benefit from this adventure of the heart — married, single, engaged, or divorced women, as well as mature women seeking to mentor younger women. Our recently published abridged edition (eight chapters) may fit more easily into the fast-paced schedules of today including most church calendars and small group studies. (The 13-chapter edition is still available for those who want further practical applications.)

How do I contact someone in the ministry who is able to answer my questions?

You can contact us or visit our Facebook page.

How do I get The Cry of the Hidden Heart study started in my church?

If you know of others who are excited about the study, ask them to go with you to make a presentation to those in authority in your church. A fresh testimony is very compelling. Direct them to view our website, and if you have our companion DVD, you might suggest viewing it as well as reviewing the book.

What is the ideal group size?

Eight to ten is a good size allowing for individual participation and offering the benefit of a variety of experiences and reflections. You may want to consider breaking your group into smaller discussion groups when you reach the double digits.

How do I locate an existing group in my area?

Our Calendar lists all current classes whose leaders have notified us.

Do I need the companion DVD?

It was designed as a companion for the 13-chapter edition of The Cry of the Hidden Heart.  It is a great asset for creatively bringing into focus the main points from the chapter the participants have been studying the previous week. In other words, the DVD for Chapter One is to be shown when the group comes prepared to discuss Chapter One.  It can be a supplement for the 8-chapter abridged version as well and is available online.

Is Hidden Heart Ministry affiliated with any particular denomination?

No. It is non-denominational. Our desire is to come alongside churches honoring Christ as head by serving as a resource to support women in finding fulfillment in their marriages.

How will this study help the working woman?

Whether or not you are working outside the home, The Cry of the Hidden Heart invites women to draw near to Christ, to learn from Him and to take on His attitudes so that they bring His influence into their marriage. Woman was given to man as a means of strength. God said it was not good for man to be alone. How you go about being a help to your particular husband is for the two of you to work out; in Christ there is great freedom in fulfilling God’s call on your life.

Why a study just for women? Who’s going to reach the men?

Influence can start with one who is willing to learn the finer points from the Master soul-winner, Jesus Christ. As is often the case, women are the ones asking the questions first. In both Paul’s and Peter’s writings, the wife is addressed first. (See Ephesians 5; Colossians 3; and I Peter 3) Obviously, the wife’s winsome (godly) attitude is a powerful influence over her husband and family.