The Un-Valentine

ce1ee5fd660489d14a4de3521501e171What did your Valentine’s Day look like? Expectations run high on that special day. Flowers? A red heart-shaped satin box of candy? A candle-lit dinner at your favorite restaurant? Or a hand-crafted treasure?

We all want to know that we’re cherished. And the florists, card shops, retailers, and restaurants are ready to offer assistance. On the 13th, my local drug store was a blaze of red—heart-shaped balloons, candy, and cards decorated nearly every aisle—and its parking lot too, as cars pulled in and out of every available parking space. As I walked down the half empty Valentine greeting card section, I was reminded that, once again, I was a couple of days late in getting a card in the mail to my special people.

This is not to make excuses . . . but it occurred to me that the unexpected can sometimes have more impact. The planners and the well-organized will always come through with the expected. But, if like me, you didn’t quite get ahead of the game to make Valentine’s Day special for your special someone, it’s not too late.

Our Creator, the very Source of Love, is the Master of the unexpected. Who would ever have dreamed of the fact that God would create the love of his life from Adam’s own body, or that God would come down to us from His heavenly throne as a babe, that Jesus would show up at a dinner party in the home of a tax-collector, or that He would wash the feet of those He had created, or that He would eventually die their/our death? So unexpected, so undeserved, such extravagant love.

While the card shelves might be emptied of Valentines and the leftover candy marked down, you and I can demonstrate that love knows no seasons. The apostle Paul said,“Let no debt remain outstanding, except the continuing debt to love one another.” (Romans 13:8) His transcending love can empower us “out-of-season” to exceed natural expectations; showering love on the beloved on Valentine’s Day, a birthday or anniversary is all well and good. But the unexpected expression of love brings with it a special taste of heaven.

While expectations run high on Valentine’s Day, so also does disappointment. If your special Valentine didn’t quite pull off his expression of love in the “expected” manner, how much more will it mean to him that you hardly even noticed? “She brings him good and not harm all the days of her life.” (Proverbs 31:12)

How will you share your love “out of season” to delight your beloved?


Karen Only