In God We Trust

0631c2e458b522dd8d7a0c1700fdefa8Today’s blog is from a page in Julie Jostrand’s prayer journal, which probably echoes the concerns of many of you for the future of the next generation and for that of our great nation. It is our hope and prayer that as we come together as the people of God, lifting our hearts and voices to Him on behalf of our families and our elected or appointed officials, we can with one voice and one spirit say, “In God We Trust.”

I am truly encouraged today, Father, as I read Psalms 74 and 75. How your heart must have been broken after witnessing the burning of your sanctuary, the place where your people could approach you. But then again, you were not surprised because you know the human heart.

By your grace, Lord, you lift your hand to save the righteous. Your wondrous works declare your Name is near. You tell me you will rise up and step in. You will not withhold your hand forever. It is in you, Father, that I place my hope. I choose the appointed time; it is I who judge with equity [uprightly]. Psalm 75:2 NIV

I am frustrated as I see our nation today take on the same ungodly behavior. We have turned against you and I find myself asking why have you not stepped in? How far down the road do we have to go before we listen to you? And then I am reminded that you have said, this far you may come and no farther; here is where your proud waves halt. Job 38:11 NIV

I feel as though we have approached the day when we no longer see sin as sin. We have stepped so far away from you that we have become desensitized to unrighteous behavior and are ignorant of your Word. Today as a nation, we view ourselves totally independent of you. In so many ways, you have been pushed out of the public square. As for me, Father, how many times during the day do I put myself first, and only as an afterthought do I come to you and a1200x1200_1388239731-aee5bb5c1e64e18f-1386143501624-prayer-on-my-kneessk for guidance or give thanks!

On July 4th, we celebrate our independence as a sovereign nation. Oh, Heavenly Father, if only we would celebrate as a nation our dependency upon you. I truly believe that it is by calling upon your grace and mercy alone that our nation will be preserved. To be a country free to worship is to be celebrated, but to be a country independent from you is our great concern.

When the earth totters, and all the inhabitants of it, it is I Who will poise and keep steady its pillars. Selah [pause, and calmly think of that]! Psalm 75:3 AMPC

Abba, as the times are dark, with all the violence in our world, help me to keep your Word always before me for comfort and encouragement. It is my prayer that soon, as a nation, we will be celebrating the words imprinted on our currency: In God We Trust.

In what ways will you join with others to make this a reality?