Is Your Marriage Overweight?

Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.
(Matthew 28:11)

Yes, it is January; that wonderful time of year for Lean Cuisine ads and fitness infomercials. As you evaluate your body’s needs, it is also an ideal time to consider your marital fitness:
Is discontent tipping the scale? Do you have saddlebags of unforgiveness? Are you sporting a muffin top of criticism? Can you pinch an inch of resentment? Have you lost some flexibility over time? Would you like more joyful stamina for the marriage marathon?

If you, like me, answered yes to any of these questions, then sign up for a Cry of the Hidden Heart study beginning soon in several different locations. Start the new year with an infusion of God’s hope and power for your most important relationship on earth. And, have fun making meaningful relationships with other women along the way.

Last year I lost thirty pounds and am starting the new year for the first time in twenty years, not on a diet. In the past, I thought that all my problems would go away if I were at my ideal weight, but (who knew?) I still have problems. Which means, I still need to lean on and learn from the Lord Jesus every step of this life!

Come lean and learn with us as we seek the perfect Lover of our souls and find new zeal for making His good gift of marriage everything He designed it to be.

Mary SuzanneSignatureRGB